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Course Documents Current Location: Readings and Assignments

Summary: Course Documents
Current Location: Readings and Assignments
[ Top ] : Readings and Assignments
Jan. 21: Introduction to New Product Development (NPD)
I will cover course logistics and requirements and then develop the motivation and framework for the course.
Read textbook Ch. 1: Introduction (pp. 1-12)
Individual Assignment: Turn in student profile form in class.
Jan. 23: Product Development Environment: Processes and Organizations
Reading: Textbook Ch. 2: Product Planning (pp. 11-32)
Individual Assignment: Textbook Ch. 2. Be prepared to discuss thought queston #2 and #4.
Enroll in Blackboard. Be sure to fill out the profile information and submit a picture or a graphic. You upload the picture
by going to the "tools" page (from the left navigation button) and then click on the "edit your homepage" link.
Jan. 26: Product Development Environment: Product Planning and Delta Design Training
DeltaDesignTask.pdf ( 26584 Bytes )
Reading: Textbook Ch. 3: Product Planning (pp. 33-52)
Read: DELTA -- A DESIGN EXERCISE and come to class prepared with any questions you may have about the
exercise. We will assign roles in class and "train" you to play your role.
Individual Assignment: Textbook Ch. 3, Do either Exercise 1 or 2 (p. 52). Turn into the "digital drop box" before class on
Monday, Jan. 26. But bring a copy to class for you to refer to and give as an example if you should be called upon to do


Source: Agogino, Alice M. - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley


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