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Gaussian Curvature from Photometric Scatter Plots Elli Angelopoulou

Summary: Gaussian Curvature from Photometric Scatter Plots
Elli Angelopoulou
GRASP Laboratory
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Local surface curvature is an important shape descriptor,
especially for smooth featureless objects. For this family of
objects, if their surface is matte, there is a one-to-one map-
ping between their surface normal map and the photomet-
ric data collected from a scene under three different
illumination conditions. This mapping allows for the
extraction of the sign and the magnitude of Gaussian cur-
vature (to within a constant multiple) directly from inten-
sity values. Because all the computations are performed in
photometric space, the normal map is never recovered.
This implies that the precise location of the light sources is
not needed for any of the computations. Experiments show
that a simple setup with minimal illumination planning


Source: Angelopoulou, Elli - Department of Computer Science, Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen Nürnberg


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences