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Section 7.1: Voting Systems Plurality Method

Summary: Section 7.1: Voting Systems
Plurality Method
The candidate who receives the greatest number of votes is the winner.
Borda Count Method
Each voter's last choice receives one point, each voter's second-to-last choice
receives two points, and so on. The candidate with the most points is the
Plurality with Elimination Method
We use a runoff election. In any given round, if a candidate wins a majority of
the votes, they are the winner. Otherwise, the candidate (or candidates) with
the fewest number of votes is (are) eliminated.
Pairwise Comparison Method
If Candidate X is preferred to Candidate Y by most voters, X gets one point.
If they tie, they each get 1
point. The candidate with the most points is the
1. A club is preparing to elect its president. Three members are considering run-
ning for president: Alice, Bob, and Charles. Each of the five voters has a first,
second, and third choice, as listed in the following table:


Source: Anderson, Douglas R. - Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Concordia College


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