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DEFINING INTELLIGENT CONTROL Report of the Task Force on Intelligent Control

Report of the Task Force on Intelligent Control
IEEE Control Systems Society
Panos Antsaklis, Chair
December 1993
In May 1993, a task force was created at the invitation of the Technical Com-
mittee on Intelligent Control of the IEEE Control Systems Society to look into the
area of Intelligent Control and de ne what is meant by the term. Its ndings are
aimed mainly towards serving the needs of the Control Systems Society hence the
task force has not attempted to address the issue of intelligence in its generality,
but instead has concentrated on deriving working characterizations of Intelligent
Control. Many of the ndings however may apply to other disciplines as well.
The charge to the task force was to characterize intelligent control systems, to
be able to recognize them and distinguish them from conventional control systems
to clarify the role of control in intelligent systems and to help identify problems
where intelligent control methods appear to be the only viable avenues.
In accomplishing these goals, the emphasis was on working de nitions and useful
characterizations rather than aphorisms. It was accepted early on that more than
one de nition of intelligent systems may be necessary, depending on the view taken


Source: Antsaklis, Panos - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


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