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Arc-Length Parameterized Spline Curves for Real-Time Simulation

Summary: Arc-Length Parameterized Spline Curves
for Real-Time Simulation
Hongling Wang, Joseph Kearney, and Kendall Atkinson
Abstract. Parametric curves are frequently used in computer an-
imation and virtual environments to control the movements of syn-
thetic objects. In many of these applications it is essential to effi-
ciently relate parameter values to the arc length of the curve. Cur-
rent approaches to compute arc length or to construct an arc-length
parameterized curve are impractical to use in real-time applications.
This paper presents a simple and efficient technique to generate ap-
proximately arc-length parameterized spline curves that closely match
spline curves typically used to model roads in high-fidelity driving sim-
1. Introduction
Parametric cubic splines are the curves of choice for many applications
of computer graphics. They are widely used in computer animation and
virtual environments to define motion paths [6]. As the parameter vari-
able ranges over the interval of definition, the computed position traces
a smooth curve in space. Naively, one might compute position using the
parameter variable directly. However, it is difficult to regulate the speed


Source: Atkinson, Kendall - Departments of Computer Science & Mathematics, University of Iowa
Kearney, Joseph K. - Department of Computer Science, University of Iowa


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences