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Adv. Complex Systems (1998) 1, 267{282 Simulation of the Feedbacks and

Summary: Adv. Complex Systems (1998) 1, 267{282
Simulation of the Feedbacks and
Regulation of Recruitment Dancing in
Honey Bees
Carl Anderson y
School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of SheĈeld
SheĈeld, S3 7RH, UK.
ABSTRACT . Honey bee nectar foragers returning to the hive experience a
delay as they search for a receiver bee to whom they transfer their material. In
this paper I describe the simulation of the \threshold rule" (Seeley, 1995) which
relates the magnitude of this search delay to the probability of performing
a recruitment dance | waggle dance, tremble dance, or no dance. Results
show that this rule leads to self-organised near-optimal worker allocation in a
uctuating environment, is extremely robust, and operates over a wide range
of parameter values. The reason for the robustness appears to be the particular
system of feedbacks that operate within the system.
KEYWORDS : honey bees, feedback, simulation, recruitment dances, tremble
dance, waggle dance.
1. Introduction


Source: Anderson, Carl - Synthetic Intelligence, Qbit, LLC, Bethesda, MD


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology; Engineering; Mathematics