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Physics 306, Honors Astronomy, Exam 1 NAME______________________________________

Summary: Physics 306, Honors Astronomy, Exam 1
You are graded on your work, with partial credit where it is deserved.
1. Most observations in astronomy employ electromagnetic waves. Below, list 5 kinds of electromagnetic
radiation, with the longest wavelength first and shortest wavelength last. For each kind of radiation, state
whether or not it penetrates the Earth's atmosphere.
I.e., just write "yes" if it does penetrate the atmosphere and "no" if it is usually blocked by the Earth's
(a) (2)
(b) (2)
(c) (2)
(d) (2)
(e) (2)
2. (10) Here is a test of both your astronomy knowledge and your communications skills: You are asked to
explain to a normal 8-year-old child, drawing simple pictures, why it is hot in the northern hemisphere
during the summer, and cold during the winter. Do this below, using clear sentences and drawings that an 8-
year-old would immediately understand. (Not clear and understandable to 8-year-old => low grade.)
3. (10) Now let us advance to a normal 16-year-old. Using clear sentences and drawings that a 16-year-old
would immediately understand, explain the origin of the tides. (Not clear and understandable to 16-year-old
=> low grade.)


Source: Allen, Roland E. - Department of Physics and Astronomy, Texas A&M University


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