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Tip Steering for Fast Imaging in AFM Sean B. Andersson

Summary: Tip Steering for Fast Imaging in AFM
Sean B. Andersson
Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138
Jiwoong Park
The Rowland Institute at Harvard
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02142
Abstract-- In atomic force microscopy a sharp tip, sup-
ported by a cantilevered beam and interacting locally with
a sample, is raster-scanned over a surface to build a three-
dimensional image. Typical scan times are on the order of
minutes or longer, depending on the size, resolution, and image
quality desired. For a variety of reasons it is of great interest
to reduce the time to gather an image. One of the most exciting
applications is the imaging in real time of dynamic phenomena
such as the motion of single molecules in molecular biology.
In many cases the sample to be imaged is string-like, such
as nanowires, actin, and DNA strands. In this case most of


Source: Andersson, Sean B. - Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Boston University


Collections: Engineering