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I. INTRODUCTION Quadrupole mass filters have many practical advantages

Quadrupole mass filters have many practical advantages
compared to magnetic sectors for production of ion beams.'
Compact design, resolution that can be electrically adjusted
to optimize for particular experiments, acceptance of ion
beams with broad energy distributions, and operation in
radio-frequency (rf) only mode (passing the entire ion beam)
are just some advantages. Quadrupoles have not been widely
used to produce ion beams with narrow translational energy
spreads, because they tend to perturb the kinetic energies of
the transmitted ions. This is particularly true when the quad-
rupole is operated at resolution greater than 100 (M/AM) .2,3
rods, 305 mm in length. These are supported by a pair of
alumina rings, with the critical dimensions machined to a
tolerance of O.Oi302mm. The filter is housed in a cylindrical
stainless steel shroud that provides rf shielding and holds the
injection and extraction ion optics precisely concentric to the
quadrupole center line. Several setsof ion optics were tested,
and the quadrupole was controlled by two different sets of


Source: Anderson, Scott L. - Department of Chemistry, University of Utah


Collections: Energy Storage, Conversion and Utilization; Materials Science; Chemistry