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TAC Conceptual Framework DRAFT 2 Multi-level Technical Assistance Strategy

Summary: TAC Conceptual Framework DRAFT 2
May 2007
Multi-level Technical Assistance Strategy
Cross-Neighborhood Technical Assistance Neighborhood Specific Technical Assistance Technical Assistance to the overall GNI
Cross-neighborhood Technical Assistance deals with
technical assistance that relates to more than a single,
specific GNI neighborhood. Cross-neighborhood
technical assistance serves to meet the capacity-
building and learning needs that are common across
GNI neighborhoods, and once met, will move the
initiative forward at the neighborhood level:
This type of technical assistance may be determined by
identifying common themes through (qualitative)
analysis contained in a variety of documents, such as:
GNI Learning Grants, Large Community meeting
notes, Action Planning Team meeting notes, and/or
Action Plans.
This type of technical assistance may be provided


Source: Awtar, Shorya - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan


Collections: Engineering