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Sensors and Actuators A 132 (2006) 171181 A low-cost rate-grade nickel microgyroscope

Summary: Sensors and Actuators A 132 (2006) 171181
A low-cost rate-grade nickel microgyroscope
Said Emre Alper, Kanber Mithat Silay, Tayfun Akin
Middle East Technical University, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Ankara, Turkey
Received 14 September 2005; received in revised form 28 February 2006; accepted 25 March 2006
Available online 19 May 2006
This paper presents a low-cost microgyroscope with a resolution in the rate-grade at atmospheric pressure, which is fabricated using a CMOS-
compatible nickel electroforming process. Angular rate resolution of the gyroscope is increased by matching the resonance frequencies of the drive
and sense modes close to each other using symmetric suspensions and electrostatic frequency tuning; whereas, undesired mechanical coupling
between the two modes during matched mode operation is reduced by the fully decoupled gyro flexures. Reduced mechanical coupling results in
a stable zero-rate output bias, i.e., providing excellent bias stability. The fabricated gyroscope has 18 m-thick nickel structural layer with 2.5 m
capacitive gaps providing an aspect ratio above 7, which results in sensor capacitances about 0.5 pF. The resonance frequencies of the fabricated
gyroscope are measured to be 4.09 kHz for the drive-mode and 4.33 kHz for the sense-mode, which are then matched by a tuning voltage less
than 12 V dc. The gyroscope is hybrid connected to a CMOS capacitive interface circuit, and the hybrid system operation is controlled by external
electronics, constructing an angular rate sensor. The gyroscope is oscillated along the drive-mode to vibration amplitude above 10 m. The rate
sensor demonstrates a noise-equivalent rate of 0.095 (
and short-term bias stability better than 0.1
/s. The nominal scale factor of the


Source: Akin, Tayfun - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Middle East Technical University


Collections: Engineering