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Symmetry and Non-monotonic Inference Belaid Benhamou and Pierre Siegel

Summary: Symmetry and Non-monotonic Inference
Bela¨id Benhamou and Pierre Siegel
Universit´e de Provence
Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Information et des Syst`emes (LSIS)
Centre de Math´ematiques et d'Informatique
39, rue Joliot Curie - 13453 Marseille cedex 13, France
Symmetry had been well studied in classical logics and
constraint programming. Krishnamurthy showed that
some tricky formulas admit short proofs when augment-
ing the propositional logic resolution proof system by
the symmetry rule. But In Artificial Intelligence, we
usually manipulate incomplete information and need to
include uncertainty to reason on knowledge with excep-
tions and non-monotonicity. Several non classic logics
are introduced for that purpose. Here, we are interested
to extend the notion of symmetry to that non classical
logics such as preferential logics and X-logics.


Source: Aloul, Fadi - Department of Computer Engineering, American University of Sharjah


Collections: Engineering