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Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 150 (2000) 125 www.elsevier.com/locate/jpaa

Summary: Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 150 (2000) 1≠25
Characteristic cycles of local cohomology
modules of monomial ideals
Josep Alvarez Montaner
Departament de Matem¬atica Aplicada I, Universitat Polit¬ecnica de Catalunya, Avinguda Diagonal 647,
Barcelona 08028, Spain
Received 11 August 1998
Communicated by C.A. Weibel
We study, by using the theory of algebraic D-modules, the local cohomology modules sup-
ported on a monomial ideal I of the local regular ring R = k[[x1; : : : ; xn]], where k is a ˇeld of
characteristic zero. We compute the characteristic cycle of Hr
I (R) and Hp
m (Hr
I (R)), where m is
the maximal ideal of R and I is a squarefree monomial ideal. As a consequence, we can decide
when the local cohomology module Hr
I (R) vanishes and compute the cohomological dimension
cd(R; I) in terms of the minimal primary decomposition of the monomial ideal I. We also give


Source: Alvarez Montaner, Josep - Departament de Matemŗtica Aplicada I, Universitat PolitŤcnica de Catalunya


Collections: Mathematics