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BUSINESS 270-001 2012 Winter Semester

Summary: BUSINESS 270-001
2012 Winter Semester
Office: 526 Education Building, University of Regina
Hours: My phone has voice mail. You can call any time and leave a message when and where to
call you back at a particular time. Please be sure to leave your phone number. If you can't reach
me to set up an "appointment", you can contact me by computer through the URcourse site.
Phone: Office- 585-4710 There is voice mail on this line.
Res Phone: 789-6578 Not all of us work 9-5. So if you have any questions that can't wait, do
call me at home. I'll have a textbook handy and should be able to look at the same question that
is bothering you. Just recognize that I'm a little foggy at 2:00am.
E-mail: You can also talk to me by e-mail at James.Mason@uregina.ca I check this a few times
a day and will get back to you as soon as I can. However our class URcourse site is more
reliable. Please use it.
Administration 270 is an introduction to the use of quantitative modeling techniques as an aid to
managerial/ organizational decision-making. Emphasis will be on formulation, solution, and
sensitivity analysis of results. We will study decision theory, resource allocation problems using
linear programming, integer linear programming, and inventory problems.
In general, our primary purposes are to introduce you to a number of the more common


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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