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Workshop: Gemischte und nicht-standard Finite-Elemente-Methoden mit Anwendungen 5

Summary: Workshop: Gemischte und nicht-standard
Finite-Elemente-Methoden mit Anwendungen 5
Mixed variational multiscale methods and multiscale finite elements
Todd Arbogast
(joint work with Kirsten J. Boyd)
A longstanding open problem in applied mathematics is to accurately approxi-
mate a function that possesses scales smaller than the level of practical discretiza-
tion. In this work, we consider the approximation on a coarse grid of spacing H
of the solution (u, p) to a second order elliptic problem in mixed form:
u = -K p in ,
u = f in ,
u = 0 on ,
where Rd
, d = 2 or 3, is a bounded domain, K is uniformly elliptic and
bounded, and is the outward unit normal vector. We assume that K and possibly
f exhibit microstructure (i.e., variability or heterogeneity) on a small scale < H,
which induces similar -scale variation into the solution.
In 1983, Babuska and Osborn [7] gave a practical strategy for problems in one-
dimension by defining what they called the generalized finite element method,


Source: Arbogast, Todd - Center for Subsurface Modeling & Department of Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin


Collections: Mathematics; Geosciences