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Keywords Unilateral spatial neglect Pseudoneglect Lateralized sensorimotor experience

Summary: Keywords Unilateral spatial neglect ∆ Pseudoneglect ∆
Lateralized sensorimotor experience
The use of bisection protocols has established an
asymmetric perception of space among both normal
and right brain-damaged (RDB) subjects, demon-
strating that space perception differs from physical
space. Applied to normal individuals, line bisection
task indicated small leftward deviations from veridical
midpoint which are usually referred to as ``pseudone-
glect'' (Bowers and Heilman 1980), whereas large
errors in the opposite direction are characteristic of
RDB patients exhibiting left neglect syndrome.
Chokron et al. (1995, 1993) proposed that pseudone-
glect could be induced by specific scanning directional
trends related to reading habits (left-to-right reading
for French subjects and right-to-left reading for Israeli
subjects). Moreover, improvements of neglect signs due
to prismatic adaptation leaded Rossetti et al. (1998) to
hypothesize that sensorimotor experience could induce
a supramodal change in spatial representations. The


Source: Alleysson, David - Laboratoire de Psychologie et NeuroCognition, Universitť Pierre Mendes France


Collections: Biology and Medicine