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Complexity of Finite-Horizon Markov Decision Process Problems

Summary: Complexity of Finite-Horizon Markov Decision
Process Problems
Martin Mundhenk
Judy Goldsmith
Christopher Lusena
Eric Allender
Supported in part by the O ce of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies at the
University of Kentucky, and by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG, grant Mu 1226 2-1,
and by the Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst DAAD grant 315 PPP gu-ab, and by NSF
grants CCR-9315354, CCR-9610348, and CCR-9509603.
Portions of this work were performed while at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai
Madras, India, and at the Wilhelm-Schickard Institut fur Informatik, Universitat Tubingen
supported by DFG grant TU 7 117-1.
Preliminary versions of some of this work appeared as Mundhenk, Goldsmith, and Allender 1997
and Goldsmith and Mundhenk 1998 .
Name: Martin Mundhenk
Address: Universitat Trier, FB IV Informatik, D-54286 Trier, Germany,


Source: Allender, Eric - Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences