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Doc. Math. J. DMV 213 !"$#&%'()10234'456"$7

Summary: Doc. Math. J. DMV 213
"I PQ"$%&#&#R0S$BQBDTU'1VW"IBD)5
Jonathan Arazy and Harald Upmeier1
Received: March, 24, 1996
Revised: August, 8, 1997
Communicated by Joachim Cuntz
Abstract. We provide new integral formulas for the invariant inner prod-
uct on spaces of holomorphic functions on bounded symmetric domains of
tube type.
1991 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 46E20; Secondary 32H10,
32A37, 43A85
0 Introduction
Our main concern in this work is to provide concrete formulas for the invariant inner
products and hermitian forms on spaces of holomorphic functions on Cartan domains
D of tube type. As will be explained below, the group Aut(D) of all holomorphic
automorphisms of D acts transitively. Aut(D) acts projectively on function spaces
on D via f U()
()f := (f ) (J)/p


Source: Arazy, Jonathan - Department of Mathematics, University of Haifa


Collections: Mathematics