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David F. Anderson Exam 2 notes

Summary: Math 431
Fall, 2011
David F. Anderson
Exam 2 notes:
1. Broad topics:
(a) Chapter 4: Random variables.
i. Need to know what a random variable is.
ii. Difference between a discrete and continuous random variable.
iii. Expectations of discrete random variables: computations!
iv. Expected value of a function in discrete case.
v. Variance in discrete case
vi. Must know the following random varialbes including ranges and probability mass func-
A. Bernoulli.
B. Binomial.
C. Poisson.
D. Geometric.
E. Should be able to construct a probability mass function from a word
problem, and then be able to compute probabilities or expected values.
F. Expected values of sums of random variables.


Source: Anderson, David F. - Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Collections: Mathematics