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Beneficiary Change Queen's University Pension Plan Name: ____________________________________________________

Summary: Beneficiary Change Queen's University Pension Plan
Name: ____________________________________________________
Staff No: ___________________________________________________
Dept. or Home Address: ________________________________________
Effective Date: _______________________________________________
Pension Plan
One of the regulations under the Ontario Pensions Benefits Act relates to beneficiaries and in particular to the rights of a surviving spouse.
If a member of the Queen's (or any) Pension Plan dies prior to actually going on pension, and there is a surviving spouse as of the date of
death, the law clearly provides that regardless of any prior beneficiary designation (including a will), the spouse is entitled to receive either
a lump sum payment or a deferred pension.
As a result of this law, we are required to ask you to complete a Declaration of Marital Status form, or if you have a spouse as defined under the
Act, and do not name that spouse s your beneficiary, the Spousal Waiver form should be completed by your spouse and yourself.
If a minor child is named as beneficiary and the staff member dies before the child is 18, the proceeds may have to be paid to the Province's
Official Guardian and held in trust. Staff are urged to check their beneficiary designation periodically to ensure it reflects current estate
In accordance with the terms and conditions of the Revised Pension Plan of Queen's University, I hereby revoke any Designation of
Beneficiary heretofore made by me and hereby appoint as Designated Beneficiary to receive any payment in accordance with the Plan
that may fall due after my death:
(Given names in full) (Last Name) (Relationship to Employee)
_________________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________


Source: Abolmaesumi, Purang - School of Computing, Queen's University (Kingston)


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences