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Morphological instability of growth fronts due to stress-induced mobility variations

Summary: Morphological instability of growth fronts due to stress-induced
mobility variations
Jennifer F. Sage, William Barvosa-Carter,a)
and Michael J. Azizb)
Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Received 20 March 2000; accepted for publication 30 May 2000
We report a comparison between theory and experiment for a general stress-induced morphological
growth instability that is kinetically rather than energetically driven. Stress variations along a
perturbed planar growth front result in variations in interfacial mobility in a manner that is
destabilizing under one sign of the stress state and stabilizing under the opposite sign, even for a
pure material. Investigation of solid-phase epitaxial growth at a corrugated Si 001 interface under
both compression and tension results in good agreement between experiment and theory with no
adjustable parameters, demonstrating that this mobility-based mechanism is dominant in
determining morphological evolution in this system. 2000 American Institute of Physics.
S0003-6951 00 01930-6
There is increasing interest in the effects of nonhydro-
static stresses on condensed phase processes such as diffu-
sion and crystal growth. The focus of most work has been to
understand and account for stress effects on the energetics, or
driving forces, for these processes, one effect of which is to


Source: Aziz, Michael J.- School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University


Collections: Physics; Materials Science