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SIP1 Workshop : Multiscale modelling October 27, 2010

Summary: SIP1 Workshop : Multiscale modelling
October 27, 2010
An investigation of granular shocks and jets using MD
A.R. Thornton, Thomas Weinhart, O.Bokhove & S.Luding
University of Twente
MSM and NACM groups
e-mail: a.r.thornton,t.weinhart,o.bokhove, s.luding@utwente.nl
Keywords: Depth-averaging, Shocks, Jets, MD
Dry granular avalanche flows are a common in both
the natural geophysical environment and industry, and oc-
cur across many orders of magnitude. Common examples
range from: rock slides, containing upwards of 1000m3
material; to the flow of sinter, pellets and coke into a blast
furnace for iron-ore melting; down to the flow of sand in
an hour-glass.
Molecular Dynamics (MD) algorithms are an extremely
powerful tool to investigate the effects of these and other
factors and with the rapid recent improvement in compu-
tational power the full simulation of the flow in a small


Source: Al Hanbali, Ahmad - Department of Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Twente


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