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Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science (UROPS) Research Project Proposal Form

Summary: Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science (UROPS)
Research Project Proposal Form
Project No /Academic Yr:
Lecturer: Helmer Aslaksen, aslaksen@math.nus.edu.sg
Department of Mathematics, S14 #02-11, 6874 2746
Project Title: Indian Calendars
Suitable for: 4MC or 8MC
The Indian calendar is the most complicated calendar in the world. In addition to leap months (like the
Chinese calendar), it can also skip months. It has leap days, but it can also skip days. It is based on the
sidereal year and month, rather than the tropical year and the synodic month like all other calendars. There
are also several regional variations.
The goal of this project is to understand the relationship between the different Indian calendars in use and to
create a convenient web site for conversion.
Methods / Techniques used:
You will need to learn a bit of astronomy, and you will have to do some programming in Java, Mathematica
or Lisp.
Have you always wanted to know how to compute when Deepavali is celebrated? Or why people from
different parts of India celebrate New Year on different days? Then this is the project for you!


Source: Aslaksen, Helmer - Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore


Collections: Mathematics