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coxeter groups . 2008 final projects

Summary: coxeter groups . 2008
final projects
. san francisco state university .
. universidad de los andes .
For the final project of the course, you will develop a solid understanding of a particular aspect
of Coxeter group theory that interests you. You may, for instance:
Understand the background and significance of an open problem in Coxeter groups, and
solve it, or achieve some partial progress.
Understand the current state of the art in a branch of Coxeter groups, and present it in a
clear, concise, and useful survey.
Find a new way of thinking about or proving a known result.
Write a computer program that will be useful to researchers in Coxeter groups.
due dates.
o Wednesday, April 9: rough outline. (1-2 pages)
o Friday, May 16: final project. (10 pages in LaTeX, 11pt, single space)
some suggested sources.
The existing literature on Coxeter groups is gigantic, and there are many topics which are within
your reach. Many papers and books contain interesting open problems which you can understand
and think about. Search on Google Scholar, the mathematics arXiv, and the American Mathe-
matical Society's mathscinet. Pointers to several other useful books and online resources are on


Source: Ardila, Federico - Department of Mathematics, San Francisco State University


Collections: Mathematics