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Supplementary Material: Liquid Water: From Symmetry Distortions to

Summary: Supplementary Material:
Liquid Water: From Symmetry Distortions to
Diffusive Motion
Noam Agmon
The Fritz Haber Research Center, Institute of Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
Jerusalem 91904, Israel
E-mail: agmon@fh.huji.ac.il.
Table of acceptor and donor hydrogen-bond distributions, pA
k and pD
k , respectively (k = 04),
from liquid water simulations1 using the AMOEBA water model2 at various temperatures. Calcu-
lated by summing rows and columns in the supplementary online material of Ref. 1.
1 Markovitch, O.; Agmon, N. The distribution of acceptor and donor hydrogen-bonds in bulk
liquid water. Molec. Phys. 2008, 106, 485495.
2 Ren, P.; Ponder, J. W. Temperature and pressure dependence of the AMOEBA water model. J.
Phys. Chem. B 2004, 108, 1342713437.
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Source: Agmon, Noam - Institute of Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Collections: Chemistry