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EUROGRAPHICS 2009/P. Dutr and M. Stamminger Volume 28 (2009), Number 2 (Guest Editors)

Summary: EUROGRAPHICS 2009/P. Dutré and M. Stamminger Volume 28 (2009), Number 2
(Guest Editors)
Genuinity Signatures:
Designing Signatures for Verifying 3D Object Genuinity
Daniel G. Aliaga Mikhail J. Atallah
Department of Computer Science at Purdue University
3D computer graphics models and digitally-controlled manufacturing have come together to enable the design, visualiza-
tion, simulation, and automated creation of complex 3D objects. In our work, we propose and implement a framework for
designing computer graphics objects and digitally manufacturing them such that no adversary can make imitations or coun-
terfeit copies of the physical object, even if the adversary has a large number of original copies of the object, knowledge of the
original object design, and has manufacturing precision that is comparable to or superior to that of the legitimate creator of
the object. Our approach is to design and embed a signature on the surface of the object which acts as a certificate of genuini-
ty of the object. The signature is detectable by a signature-reading device, based on methods in computer graphics and com-
puter vision, which contains some of the secret information that was used when marking the physical object. Further, the
compromise of a signature-reading device by an adversary who is able to extract all its secrets, does not enable the adversary
to create counterfeit objects that fool other readers, thereby still enabling reliable copy detection. We implemented a proto-
type of our scheme end-to-end, including the production of the physical object and the genuinity-testing device.
Categories and Subject Descriptors (according to ACM CCS): I.3 [Computer Graphics], I.3.3 [Picture/Image Gen-
eration], I.3.7 [Three-dimensional Graphics and Realism], I.4.1 [Digitization and Image Capture].


Source: Aliaga, Daniel G. - Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences