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Stop Payment Request Stop pays are not processed until 15 business days after the

Summary: Stop Payment Request
Stop pays are not processed until 15 business days after the
date the original was check was issued
I affirm that:
Please place a stop payment on this check. I realize that this process can take up to 15 business days and that if I
subsequently receive or recover the original check it will not be negotiable and must be returned to ADM 125. I
understand that if for any reason the original check is cashed after receiving a replacement check or after the
funds have been disbursed into my bank account that my University records will be placed on HOLD and I will
be responsible for repayment of the amount of the original check. I would like for:
University Controller's Office: REFUNDS
University of South Florida * 4202 East Fowler Ave, ADM147 * Tampa, FL 33620-5800
(813-974-2999) * FAX (813-974-3618) revised: 9/2010
the check to be applied to my account to pay for charges/fees/tuition. (NOTE: If the University is owed
money from a current or past term all or part of the check will be applied to your student account.)
A refund/financial aid check, # , in the amount of was mailed to me on
As of this date, I have not received the check.
The check was received by me and was subsequently lost, misplaced or destroyed.
The check is now stale dated/void (check attached)
a replacement check be mailed to me. I understand that the check will be mailed to my local mailing


Source: Arslan, Hüseyin - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida


Collections: Engineering