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Remote Object Oriented Programming with Quality of Service

Summary: Remote Object Oriented Programming with
Quality of Service
Java's RMI over ATM \Lambda
Yehuda Afek y Michael Merritt z Gideon Stupp y
November 22, 1996
An online version of this paper can be found at url
In this work we present a new simple powerful network programming
interface that supports quality of service (QoS) requests and modera­
tion. Our interface enhances well­known object oriented network inter­
faces (such as Java's RMI, and CORBA), thus keeping with the accepted
We claim that in most cases there is a total order over the levels of
quality for a specific service. Thus, a single number may be used to specify
each level of QoS. Furthermore, we employ pricing concepts to manage
resource consumption.
We implemented a prototype of the interface using Java and the Re­
mote Method Invocation network interface. We use ATM as the underlying


Source: Afek, Yehuda - School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences