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Run-time Reconfiguration of Service-Centric Systems Paris Avgeriou

Summary: Run-time Reconfiguration of Service-Centric Systems
Paris Avgeriou
Department of Mathematics and Computing Science
University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Service-centric systems are driven more and more towards self-adaptation in order to satisfy
QoS in highly dynamic environments. However, the young age and immaturity of this do-
main, combined with the increasing size and complexity of these systems, hinder the archi-
tects from designing effectively self-adaptive systems. This paper addresses the process of
run-time reconfiguration with respect to high level issues such as monitoring, evaluation of
QoS, reconfiguring and structuring the service-centric system. All patterns relate their solu-
tions partially to well-established architectural patterns, adapted to the domain of service-
centric systems. The aim is to compose a unified framework in the form of a pattern language
that will help architects in taking the major design decisions.
1 Introduction
One of the most promising emerging trends in software engineering is that of service-centric
systems [5,15,16]: systems consisting of multiple services, possibly from different service
providers, working together to perform some functionality. The key notion in this paradigm is
that of a service composition [2], the process of synthesizing several services into a single


Source: Avgeriou, Paris - Institute for Mathematics and Computing Science, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences