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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences The Open University

Summary: Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
The Open University
Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
Tel 01908 652889 Fax 01908 655151
Email Earth-Sciences-PhD-Enquiries@open.ac.uk
Web page http://www.open.ac.uk/science/earthsciences/home.php?
Anomalous enstatite achondrite meteorites analogues for Mercury's crust
D A Rothery, M Anand, M Grady, G Benedix (NHM)
Study anomalous achondrite meteorites as possible analogues for the crust of the Sun's
innermost planet
Feed ideas for Mercury's crustal composition and evolution to spacecraft instrument teams
Petrographic and isotopic studies of a rare but important type of meteorite
Possibly identify the first known meteorite from Mercury
Mercury is a poorly-understood terrestrial planet, which is coming under increasing scrutiny. It has a
prolonged history of volcanism, and its crust seems to be deficient in iron despite the planet's very large Fe-
rich core. There are competing models for the formation of Mercury's original crust, and in many areas this
has been overprinted by later episodes of volcanism. We will learn much more about Mercury from NASA's
MESSENGER mission (Mercury orbit 20112012) and ESA's BepiColombo (orbit 20202021), which
between them should determine mineralogy and major element abundance in Mercury's major crustal
terrains. However, with no prospect of sample-return from Mercury there remain insights that can best be


Source: Anand, Mahesh - Centre for Earth, Planetary, Space and Astronomical Research, Department of Earth Sciences, Open University


Collections: Geosciences