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Spatio-Temporal Tone Mapping Operator based on a Retina model

Summary: Spatio-Temporal Tone Mapping Operator based on a
Retina model
Alexandre Benoit1*
, David Alleysson2
, Jeanny Herault3
, Patrick Le Callet4
LISTIC Annecy le Vieux, 2
LPNC Grenoble, 3
Gipsa Lab Grenoble, 4
IRCCyN Nantes, France
From moonlight to bright sun shine, real world visual scenes contain a very wide
range of luminance; they are said to be High Dynamic Range (HDR). Our visual
system is well adapted to explore and analyze such a variable visual content. It is now
possible to acquire such HDR contents with digital cameras; however it is not
possible to render them all on standard displays, which have only Low Dynamic
Range (LDR) capabilities. This rendering usually generates bad exposure or loss of
information. It is necessary to develop locally adaptive Tone Mapping Operators


Source: Alleysson, David - Laboratoire de Psychologie et NeuroCognition, Université Pierre Mendes France


Collections: Biology and Medicine