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Competitive Multicast Routing Baruch Awerbuch \Lambda Yossi Azar y

Summary: Competitive Multicast Routing
Baruch Awerbuch \Lambda Yossi Azar y
In this paper, we introduce and solve the multicast routing problem for virtual cir­
cuit environment without making any assumptions about the communication patterns,
or about the network topology. By multicast we refer to the case were one source
transmits to several destination the same information. Also, we allow arbitrary in­
terleaving of subscription patterns for different multicast groups, i.e. the destinations
for each group arrive at an arbitrary order and may interleaved with destinations of
other groups. Our goal is to make route selection so as to minimize congestion of
the bottleneck link. This is the first analytical treatment for this problem in its full
The main contribution of this paper is an online competitive routing strategy that
has an O(log n log d) competitive factor where n is the size of the network and d(Ÿ n)
is the maximum size of a multicast group.
\Lambda Lab. for Computer Science, MIT. Supported by Air Force Contract TNDGAFOSR­86­0078, ARO con­
tract DAAL03­86­K­0171, NSF contract 9114440­CCR, DARPA contract N00014­J­92­1799, and a special
grant from IBM.
y Department of Computer Science Tel­Aviv University. E­mail: azar@math.tau.ac.il


Source: Azar, Yossi - School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences