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Simple Constructions of Almost k-wise Independent Random Variables

Summary: Simple Constructions of Almost k-wise Independent
Random Variables
Noga Alon
Oded Goldreich
Johan H°astad
RenŽe Peralta§
February 22, 2002
We present three alternative simple constructions of small proba-
bility spaces on n bits for which any k bits are almost independent.
The number of bits used to specify a point in the sample space is
(2 + o(1))(log log n + k/2 + log k + log 1
), where is the statistical dif-
ference between the distribution induced on any k bit locations and
the uniform distribution. This is asymptotically comparable to the
construction recently presented by Naor and Naor (our size bound is
better as long as < 1/(k log n)). An additional advantage of our
constructions is their simplicity.
Keywords: Probabilistic computation, removing randomness, shiftregister se-
quences, small probability spaces.


Source: Alon, Noga - School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Mathematics