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GRADUATE SEMINAR Zero Inflated and Double Inflated Discrete

Yu Zhang
Zero Inflated and Double Inflated Discrete
PhD Student supervised by D. Deng
Thursday, May 13, 2010
2:00 p.m.
Mathematics and Statistics Lounge, CW307.20
Abstract: This talk focuses on some mixed discrete distributions.
They are zero inflated discrete distribution, double inflated binomial
distribution and longitudinally correlated zero inflated Poisson
Distribution. We have also proposed a new distribution which is named
as double inflated binomial distribution. In this distribution, both large
frequencies of zeros and binomial denominators present in the data set.
Regression analysis for such distribution has been conducted. Score
tests for testing the existence of double inflation in binomial distribution
are developed. Simplified test statistics are provided and simulation
results show that the score test statistics maintain the nominal levels of
proposed distribution well with strong power. Zero inflated Poisson
distribution of repeated longitudinal data is considered. The auto-


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


Collections: Mathematics