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Systems with CounterClockwise InputOutput David Angeli

Summary: 1
Systems with Counter­Clockwise Input­Output
David Angeli
Dip. Sistemi e Informatica
University of Firenze
Abstract--- A new Input­Output property is proposed,
suitable for the study of positive feedback interconnec­
tions both in a linear and nonlinear set­up. Convergence
results and small­gain theorems are proved as well as cri­
teria for the application of the property to the study of
multistability. Lyapunov­like conditions and dissipation
inequalities for its detection are also provided.
I. Introduction
Dissipativity theory [16], [17] and the input­output
approach (in particular L 2 gain techniques and the
small­gain Theorem, [15]) have played a central role in
the analysis and synthesis of control systems. Countless
papers [11] as well as books have been devoted to the
subject [8], [10], [13], [7] just to list a few. This is clearly


Source: Angeli, David - Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica, Universitŕ degli Studi di Firenze


Collections: Engineering