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A review of estimating animal abundance III Carl J. Schwarz and George A. F. Seber

Summary: A review of estimating animal abundance III
Carl J. Schwarz and George A. F. Seber
The literature describing methods of estimating animal abundance
and related parameters continues to grow. This paper reviews recent
developments in the subject over the past six years and updates two
previous reviews.
Keywords: Adaptive sampling; age composition; animal abun-
dance; animal movements; aerial censusing; band-recovery; bootstrap;
breeding proportions; capture-recapture; catch-effort; change-in-ratio;
Cormack-Jolly-Seber; coverage; double tagging; estimating equations;
Gibbs sampler; home range; index of abundance; Jolly-Seber; kernel
density; line transects; martingales; mark-recapture; model selection;
Petersen; population index; radio tags; radiotelemetry; relative den-
sity; removal methods; senescence; survival estimation; tag loss; tag-
migration models; tag-recovery; two-stage sampling.

Carl J. Schwarz is an Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6, Canada (e-mail: cschwarz@cs.sfu.ca).
George A. F. Seber is a Professor, Department of Statistics, Auckland University, Private


Source: Arnason, Neil - Department of Computer Science, University of Manitoba


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences