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Technische Universitat HamburgHarburg Technische Informatik I

Summary: Technische Universit¨at Hamburg­Harburg
Technische Informatik I
The GIPSI system. Internal Report No. 9/94
Assembler Language Description
Algorithm implementations: Rank Order Filtering
Version 1.2, December 15, 1994
by Bernhard Lang

Dr.­Ing. Bernhard Lang
Technische Universit¨at Hamburg­Harburg
Technische Informatik I
Harburger Schloßstraße 20
21071 Hamburg, Germany
email: lang@tu­harburg.d400.de
In a current cooperation with the MAZ 1 Mikroelektronik Anwendungzentrum Hamburg the
hardware concepts described in this document are converted to a chip implementation.
Further copies of this document may be obtained via WWW.
Contact http://bashir.ti1.tu­harburg.de/home.html and browse the publications list.
Supporting software which currently includes a GIPSI assembler program and a GIPSI


Source: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Institut für Informatik,, Lehrstuhls für Mustererkennung und Bildverarbeitung


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences