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Instructor: Dr. Asiabanpour Fall 2006 Course: MFGE 4396 -Manufacturing Systems Design

Summary: Instructor: Dr. Asiabanpour Fall 2006
Course: MFGE 4396 - Manufacturing Systems Design
This document includes ALL comments from students, not just the selected ones.
(Original surveys can be requested from the department of Technology and Engineering)
1- The objectives, activities, content, and/or requirements of this course and
evaluation method.
Very through and in depth on topics.
Activities were really a part of the learning experience of this course, without the
activities, I wouldn't have learned as much as I did.
It is an interesting and useful class.
Quiz everyday tested our development of the course objectives and kept us
coming to class every night.
The objectives, activities, and requirements for this class are fair. Evaluation
methods were also fair to all students.
This course was truly interesting and interactive. By using the arena program, it
showed me an understanding about simulation and working out problems in
different ways. I've never used a program like this, but now I hope to use it or
something similar to it in the near future.
All of these topics were very well taught & covered that were stated at the
beginning of the course.


Source: Asiabanpour, Bahram - Department of Engineering and Technology, Texas State University - San Marcos


Collections: Engineering