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NEST Scientific Report 2007-2009 Terahertz quantum cascade lasers

Summary: NEST Scientific Report 2007-2009
Terahertz quantum cascade lasers
uantum cascade (QC) lasers [1] are semiconductor devices in which radiation
is generated by electronic transitions within an artificial crystal, a so-called
heterostructure. This heterostructure consists of alternating layers of two
semiconductor materials, with the layer thickness determining the electronic states inside
the crystal, and thereby the frequency of the emitted light as well as the electrical transport.
The operation of QC lasers in the range of frequencies 1-10 THz was demonstrated in
our laboratory, by employing superlattice active material and developing a waveguide
concept based on interface modes called surface plasmons [2]. Here we present recent
results in the implementation of THz QCLs into advanced photonic structures, allowing the
emission of laser light from the surface of the semiconductor, and into external cavity set-ups
for improved tuneability.
sources is driven by their many potential
applications. These are found in fields
such as gas sensing and spectroscopy, the
provision of local oscillators for heterodyne


Source: Abbondandolo, Alberto - Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa


Collections: Mathematics