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81:629-683, 2001.Physiol Rev Gerald Gimpl and Falk Fahrenholz

Summary: 81:629-683, 2001.Physiol Rev
Gerald Gimpl and Falk Fahrenholz
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, November 21, 2009; 165 (21): 623-626.Vet Rec.
A. J. Barrett, R. D. Murray, R. M. Christley, H. Dobson and R. F. Smith
subsequent fertility
Effects of the administration of oxytocin or carbetocin to dairy cows at parturition on their
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, December 15, 2009; 106 (50): 21437-21441.PNAS
S. M. Rodrigues, L. R. Saslow, N. Garcia, O. P. John and D. Keltner
Oxytocin receptor genetic variation relates to empathy and stress reactivity in humans
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, January 23, 2010; (2010): dep467v1-dep467.Hum. Reprod.
S. Saller, L. Kunz, G.A. Dissen, R. Stouffer, S.R. Ojeda, D. Berg, U. Berg and A. Mayerhofer
human granulosa cells
Oxytocin receptors in the primate ovary: molecular identity and link to apoptosis in


Source: Alford, Simon - Department of Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago


Collections: Biology and Medicine