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The Isomorphism Conjecture Manindra Agrawal

Summary: The Isomorphism Conjecture
Manindra Agrawal
IIT Kanpur
CiE, Heidelberg, July 22, 2009
Manindra Agrawal (IITK) The Isomorphism Conjecture CiE 2009 1 / 49
1 Formulation
2 Proving the Conjecture
3 A Counter Conjecture
4 Isomorphism Conjecture in Other Settings
For Classes other than NP
For Degrees other than Complete Degree
For Reducibilities other than Polynomial-time
5 Back to the Isomorphism Conjecture
Manindra Agrawal (IITK) The Isomorphism Conjecture CiE 2009 2 / 49
The Isomorphism Theorem for c.e. Class
Theorem (Myhill, 1955)
Let A and B be two m-complete sets for c.e.. Then A B.
m-complete : many-one complete
: isomorphic under computable isomorphisms


Source: Agrawal, Manindra - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences