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Synthesis of Nearly Monodisperse Embedded Nanoparticles by Separating

Summary: Synthesis of Nearly Monodisperse
Embedded Nanoparticles by Separating
Nucleation and Growth in Ion
Vidya Ramaswamy, Tony E. Haynes, C. Woody White,
Warren J. MoberlyChan,§ Sjoerd Roorda,| and Michael J. Aziz*,
DiVision of Engineering and Applied Sciences, HarVard UniVersity,
Cambridge, Massachusetts, Condensed Matter Sciences DiVision, Oak Ridge National
Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Center for Imaging and Mesoscale Structures,
HarVard UniVersity, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and DeŽpartement de physique,
UniVersiteŽ de MontreŽal, MontreŽal, QC, Canada
Received November 20, 2004; Revised Manuscript Received January 3, 2005
We investigate the formation of nanoparticles of Au in SiO2 by multiple ion implantation steps and intermediate anneals to isolate nucleation
and growth, thereby producing a narrow particle size distribution. We discuss the effects of varying the initial nucleation dose and the growth
temperature and establish guidelines for synthesizing nanoparticles with improved size uniformity. By this method, we have obtained a standard
deviation of 16% on an average diameter of 1.68 nm, compared to 28% when no attempt is made to isolate nucleation and growth.
Nanoparticles with novel optoelectronic1-3
and magnetic4
properties can be synthesized by ion implantation of one or


Source: Aziz, Michael J.- School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University


Collections: Physics; Materials Science