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Study of lithium diffusion in RF sputtered Nickel/Vanadium mixed oxides thin films

Summary: Study of lithium diffusion in RF sputtered NickelÁ/Vanadium mixed
oxides thin films
F. Artuso a,
*, F. Bonino a
, F. Decker a
, A. Lourenco b
, E. Masetti c
Chemistry Department, `Istituto Nazionale di Fisica della Materia', University of Roma `La Sapienza', I-00185 Roma, Italy
Instituto de Fisica, University of Campinas, Sa~o Paulo, Brazil
ENEA-C.R. Casaccia, Via Anguillarese 301, I-00060 Roma, Italy
Received 22 June 2001; received in revised form 29 September 2001
The kinetics of electrochemical lithium insertion inside RF sputtered Ni/V mixed oxides thin films have been investigated
employing different electrochemical techniques. The AC electrochemical impedance spectra, recorded after 10 cycles, showed three
steps clearly involved in the intercalation mechanism of lithium in the oxide films: (i) a charge transfer process to the electrolyte/
electrode interface; (ii) a solid-state diffusion of Li; and (iii) a space limited diffusion due to the finite volume of the film. This latter
portion of the impedance spectra was used to calculate the Li chemical diffusion coefficients (DLi). DLi values show an initial


Source: Artuso, Florinda - Department of Environment, Global Change and Sustainable Development, ENEA


Collections: Energy Storage, Conversion and Utilization