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Knowing what was done: uses of a spreadsheet log ...le School of IT & Engineering

Summary: Knowing what was done: uses of a spreadsheet log ...le
Andy Adler
School of IT & Engineering
University of Ottawa
John C. Nash
School of Management
University of Ottawa
February 18, 2004
Spreadsheet use in educational environments has become widespread, likely be-
cause of the exibility and ease of use of these tools. However, they have serious
shortcomings if the teacher is to understand exactly what students or others have
done. It is far too easy for students to replace a formula that gives an apparently
unacceptable answer with a number that they believe to be correct. The same con-
cern applies to recorded marks, as well as to business spreadsheets and to other
reports that are used for decision-making. While intentionally misleading changes
to spreadsheet ...les receive much attention, simple mistakes are probably more com-
mon. Some of these, such as the Trans-Alta Utilities (Globe and Mail, 2003) cut and


Source: Adler, Andy - Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences