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J Mol Evol (1988) 27:114-120 MolecularEvolution

Summary: J Mol Evol (1988) 27:114-120
Journal of
@ Springer-VerlagNewYorkInc.1988
A Model of Autocatalytic Replication
L.F. Abbott I
Department of Physics, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts 02215, USA
Summary. The catalytic effects that existing poly-
mer chains have on the formation of new chains are
modeled using ideas from spin glasses and neural
networks. Computer simulation shows that isolated
groups of chains in this model are capable of ac-
curately replicating a wide variety of complex struc-
tures without templating. Replication in the model
arises spontaneously and rapidly, leading to an ex-
tremely simple realization of a system exhibiting
Darwinian evolution.
Key words: Molecular evolution -- Autocatalytic
replication -- Network model -- Computer simu-


Source: Abbott, Laurence - Center for Neurobiology and Behavior & Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University


Collections: Biology and Medicine