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Revision Date: August 16, 2010 MS Financial Engineering @ NYU-Polytechnic Institute

Summary: Revision Date: August 16, 2010
MS Financial Engineering @ NYU-Polytechnic Institute
Capstone Experience Procedures and Requirements
This document details the procedures that must be followed and the requirements that must be met in order
to gain credit for this capstone experience.
Types of Capstone Experiences
There are four types of capstone experiences available to MS FE students: theses, projects, special topics,
and internships.
A Master's Thesis is a work of original research into the theory or practice of Financial Engineering. This
work must be guided by a faculty mentor from the start. Approval to begin a Master's Thesis is granted
after the student and the faculty mentor submit an acceptable thesis proposal to the director of capstone
experiences. Such a proposal lays out the questions to be addressed, the work to be done, the timeframe for
completion of the work, and a literature review sufficiently extensive to convince the director that the work
is new and interesting and that the student has the background knowledge to begin the effort. The written
thesis must follow the prescribed style and organization of master's theses at NYU - Polytechnic Institute.
A copy of the guidelines for the style and organization for the master's these can be found on My Poly
under Community for FE Students. The written paper must be submitted to the Department of Finance and
Risk Engineering electronically so that it can be checked for plagiarism. The signatures of both the faculty
mentor and the capstone director are required for the thesis to be considered complete. The thesis must be


Source: Aronov, Boris - Department of Computer and Information Science, Polytechnic University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences