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I. Cover Page Ubiquitous Smart Spaces

Summary: I. Cover Page
Ubiquitous Smart Spaces
Topic Area: Smart Spaces
Gregory Abowd, Chris Atkeson, Irfan Essa
404 894 6856, 404 894 0673 (Fax)
abowd@cc.gatech,edu, cga@cc.gatech.edu, irfan@cc.gatech.edu
Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing
801 Atlantic Drive, Atlanta, GA 303320280

II. Ubiquitous Smart Spaces
II.1 Innovative Capability Envisioned
The next revolutionary advance in smart spaces research is to create and experiment with ubiquitous
smart spaces. Current research has created isolated smart rooms and enhanced individuals. This
situation is analogous to having one telephone in each small town. The power of the telephone and
the way the telephone system was used changed dramatically when there were telephones in almost
every room and individuals could carry portable telephones. Similarly, users of smart spaces won't
have to delay, interrupt, or restructure their activities to take advantage of a central smart room facility
if every space is smart. The visionary application that will motivate and drive a coordinated effort
by the research community is to create ubiquitous smart spaces: demonstrations of smart spaces that
encompass entire working communities, and cover all aspects of each participant's life.


Source: Abowd, Gregory D. - College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences