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Hades: Locality-aware Proxy Caching for Distributed File Systems

Summary: Hades: Locality-aware Proxy Caching
for Distributed File Systems
Lamprini Konsta Stergios V. Anastasiadis
Department of Computer Science
University of Ioannina, GREECE
Technical Report DCS 2009-01
January 19, 2009
In the present paper we explore storage manage-
ment issues in proxy servers for distributed file sys-
tems. We organize the requested data at the disks of
the proxy server using locality-aware approaches. Ad-
ditionally, we introduce improvements in the map-
ping mechanism from remote to local data and con-
sider cost-aware replacement methods. In a prototype
implementation that we developed, we experimentally
compare alternative distributed file systems as com-
ponents of the proxy servers. Through extensive mea-
surements, we demonstrate throughput improvements
at the proxy server up to 80% in comparison to the


Source: Anastasiadis, Stergios V. - Department of Computer Science, University of Ioannina


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences