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World Renewable Energy Congress 2011 Sweden Sustainable Transport (ST) 8-11 May 2011, Linkping, Sweden

Summary: World Renewable Energy Congress 2011 ­ Sweden Sustainable Transport (ST)
8-11 May 2011, Linköping, Sweden
Effects of Biodiesel Fuel Use on Vehicle Emissions
Larry G. Anderson1,*
University of Colorado Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA
* Corresponding author. Tel: +1 3035562963, Fax: +1 3035564776, E-mail: larry.anderson@ucdenver.edu
Abstract: Many countries are using and considering the increased use of biodiesel blended fuels to slow their
growth of fossil fuel use for transportation purposes. Before the use of biodiesel fuels increase, it is critical that
we understand the effect of using biodiesel blends on vehicle emissions, so that we better understand what air
quality impacts to expect. Many previous reviews of biodiesel effects on emissions have combined all of the
emissions data available to construct a single value for the effects on pollutant emissions. This includes
combining emissions data from both light-duty and heavy-duty diesel vehicles and engines, combining vehicle
data from chassis dynamometer and on-road emissions testing. In this review, we will analyze the effects on
vehicle emissions of switching from petroleum diesel fuel to biodiesel blended fuels for light-duty and heavy-
duty vehicles, separately. We will not include engine emissions data in this analysis. For the heavy-duty
vehicles, we will also separate results for on-road emissions testing from chassis dynamometer testing. The
emissions of regulated pollutants will be evaluated, including hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon
monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM), as well as carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and fuel economy. In
these analyses, we have found some statistically significant differences in the effects of biodiesel use on the


Source: Anderson, Larry G.- Department of Chemistry, University of Colorado at Denver


Collections: Environmental Management and Restoration Technologies; Energy Storage, Conversion and Utilization