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Adoption of Open Source Software in Software-Intensive Organizations -A Systematic Literature Review

Summary: Adoption of Open Source Software in Software-Intensive
Organizations - A Systematic Literature Review
Øyvind Hauge,1
, Claudia Ayala1,2
, Reidar Conradi1
IDI, NTNU, Sem Sælands vei 7-9, NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway
Context: Open source software (OSS) is changing the way organizations
develop, acquire, use, and commercialize software.
Objective: This paper seeks to identify how organizations adopt OSS, classify
the literature according to these ways of adopting OSS, and with a focus on
software development evaluate the research on adoption of OSS in organiza-
Method: Based on the systematic literature review method we reviewed pub-
lications from 24 journals and seven conference and workshop proceedings,
published between 1998 and 2008. From a population of 24289 papers, we
identified 112 papers that provide empirical evidence on how organizations
actually adopt OSS.
Results: We show that adopting OSS involves more than simply using OSS
products. We moreover provide a classification framework consisting of six


Source: Ayala, Claudia - Department of Computer and Information Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences